Silently Communicating

Did you catch that awesome documentary Jon Wolin shared on the MFR chatline? …with the South African animal communicator. (The link here: The video is about an hour long, but is well worth it.
She silently communicates with baboons, birds, big cats etc

Some titbits in the dialogue that stood out for me were: “When we have connection we have compassion. We feel the earth, see the earth, including other human beings and all life forms, and they become part of its fabric, of we instead of I. … We are living in a world borrowed from our children’s future”

We can and ARE doing this with our patients, friends etc all day. It’s just whether it is conscious or not. JFB has taught me to envelope a net of safety whilst teaching the JFB MFR seminars. There are people in our MFR community, like Sheila Walker, Renie Allen, Tara Carrington, Cathy Covell, etc who I think are well developed “etheric communicators” (my words).
I would love to host a free conference call for us all to chat and hear each others musing on this, live.

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