Social networking … do you need to get on board this train!?

You will find me on Facebook and LinkedIn often, and seldom on My Space; there is also Twitter, and the list goes on! It takes maybe an hour a month, but is is a fun (to me) and useful way to spend time! It allows me to:

  1. Update friends and family with new pictures of my developing family – babies grow up so fast and it is hard to remember to email everyone photos!
  2. Connect unusually with patients and professional contacts in a way that allows me and them to be very transparent – something I embrace and am not afraid of.

Social networking is not for everyone though.

There’s been a lot of buzz the past several years about how social networks are changing the world. But social networks aren’t just for kids; businesses are getting in on them too. In a recent E-Myth survey of more than 1800 small business owners, 74 percent have used LinkedIn, 48 percent have used Facebook and 32 percent have used a social networking site for business connections. What about you?

Further Reading

Download: LetÂ’s Talk: Social Media for Small Businessa free e-book from John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing. This E-Book provides a detailed description of the more famous social networking sites and how to use them.

Best wishes,

Scott van Niekerk

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