“Build it and they will come”…. NOT

All too often enthusiastic therapists put their heart and soul into creating a new business identity, setting up the office space, but little thought as to how they’ll promote it. They expect to open the doors day 1, and the patients will surge through the door!

The movie Field of Dreams quite possibly did us a grave disservice by introducing the idea of “build it and they will come.” Because, as many a passionate entrepreneur has discovered, setting up a quality treatment room doesn’t automatically translate into high census of patient visits.

Unless you recognize that the “build it” doesn’t refer to your product. It refers to the sense of value, relationships, anticipation and momentum you create with the launch sequence of your office.

Build that and they will, indeed, come.

That’s where the need for a systematic launch process comes into play. The way to build that eagerness requires more than superior clinical skills. You need to throw a strong sense of connection, a large dose of value, and a whole bunch of repetition into the mix.

Position yourself right, and market with intelligence, and you’ll be well ahead of the game!

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Scott van Niekerk

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