Accomplish more in your day!

Many wonder how I get so much done, and this post comes by popular request!  I attribute a lot to my team. Without them, particularly my wife Diane and Office Manager Rachel, it wouldn’t be possible.

I do not recommend multi-tasking, although I occasionally do it. But I rather, be totally present with any one task, and get it done in as short a time as possible!

Here are some ideas for your business productivity:

1. Make time to work on the business—not just in it.

I learnt this from my work with E-Myth. There are no excuses if you want to grow your practice. If you can’t or won’t make this a priority, you relinquish all rights to complain about your situation! Through the MFR Success mentorship programs, we help you do this properly!

2. Leverage your time to better advantage.

  • Delegate low-level tasks that currently occupy your time
    Three reasons you should learn to delegate:
    1. Leverage your efforts and increase what you can accomplish
    2. Overcome being stressed because you have too much to do
    3. Give someone else a chance to work!”
  • Identify and add reimbursable or cash services that can be provided if you bill insurance currently, adding services (e.g. classes, products) if you do bill cash 
  • Determine the most profitable services and develop a plan to attract more of those cases

3. Develop a strong action plan for all of the above.

The time-leveraging action steps in item #2 above can be accomplished by implementing a well-conceived and executed marketing plan for your business. A good marketing plan should be tactical as well as strategic and specifically shaped to serve your goals.

4. Support yourself with an efficient patient acquisition and retention marketing system.

A plan defines what you need to do. A system gives you the infrastructure of ongoing support that keeps your most effective activities well organized and consistently performing at a higher level. If you build your marketing system correctly the first time, it will deliver more success with less sweat for years to come. A successful marketing system creates more freedom, more time, and more equity in your business. With our Platinum and Gold MFR Success clients we help them create a MULTI-PILLARED marketing plan.

If you too watch our YouTube videos, you will get an idea of what that might contain, and you can implement your own marketing plan!

Remember:  Know the value of your time. Break down the value of each hour you spend in your business. When you find yourself doing things such as organizing the office, vacuuming or mowing the yard instead of working on your business, revisit your goal for the business and count the dollar value of the hours you’re spending. Ask yourself if you should hire someone else to do this job while you spend the time building your business

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