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3 quotables

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

“Start a Thank-A-Thon. Randomly call your customers and thank them. Voicemail is fine.”

“If your business is in a hole. The first thing to do is stop digging!”

The Power of the Present

Success is acheived when people take the steps that others don’t. Take a big step.

Genius versus insanity

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

I am instructing with JFB at the MFR series in Lake of the Ozarks right now. It is great. John is incredible. I have been to coutless MFR 1’s and am always amazed at how I get something new out of each experience. However it is not because he says something different. It is because I am in a different place, and absorb things at a deeper level. John has found a formula that works, and uses it each and every time.

He says: “A true master is always a beginner. A master does the same things over and over to enhance their skill, accuracy and awareness.”

In your business, do you do this? Find a system that works, and reproduce it. Crank it out again and again.

John describes insanity as doing the same damn thing (that doesn’t work well, or “serve you”) again and again and expecting different results. “For goodness sake, if the horse is dead, dismount!” On the other hand, a “Genius” stays in the flow of the moment, and learns from mistakes to master and develop a process that REALLY works, doing the same thing (that works well) again and again, each time fresh and new, totally centered.

Didn’t you love the olympics? I was an Olympic level swimming athlete once, eons ago! and particularly loved that coverage. I wanted to highlight some things alone these ines.

While watching the Olympics, I learned some principles that we can apply in business:1. Never give up. Dara Torres, at 41 years old, broke a record in swimming. Michael Phelps continued swimming while his competitor coasted.2. Each Olympic winning athlete has his or her own routine before any performance. As business people, we need to find the processes to repeat every day to succeed. Did you watch Phelps perform the same routine every time he clmbed up onto the starting block? What is your “routine?” Never get stuck in the rut of routine. But DO find a routine THAT WORKS for you, master it and repeat it. Hope this is enlightening to you!Warm regards,


Don’t Miss Calls While You’re Treating

Monday, September 1st, 2008

If you are still answering your own phones, but you are getting busier…… YAY!…….. somthing needs to change! I have written before about hiring admin help. This post is about other options and resources, courtesy of Norm Green at and massage magazine.

Don’t Miss Calls While in Session

How does a busy therapist answer her phone and schedule appointments while in session or away from the office? This is a logistical reality that affects every massage practice. While reviewing your options, keep in mind missed appointment opportunities will cost you money.


1) Answering machine or voice mail.

Clients want a massage, and they want it now! If they get your answering machine, they either hang up without leaving a message or leave a message—and by the time you get back to them, they have scheduled an appointment with another therapist or they no longer have time for the appointment they originally wanted. Missed calls equal missed appointment opportunities.

2) Receptionist.

However, a full-time receptionist is not an affordable option for many massage practices.

3) Online scheduling system.

Internet scheduling systems are ideal. They allow clients to view appointment availability and book their own appointments. Most offer a variety of practice management features that allow you to retain customer data to use for marketing, data management, selling gift certificates online and processing credit card payments.

However, Internet scheduling alone falls short in providing clients with the opportunity to talk to a live person if they do not have access to the Internet and/or are not computer savvy.

4) Answering service.

Answering services will take messages and relay them to the therapist via voice mail, e-mail and/or text message a cell phone or PDA. Clients get a live response and feel that their initial needs are being met. The operator can help with basic information about services and prices, as well as give directions.

Answering services typically do not schedule appointments. Similar to the use of an answering machine or voice mail, you run the risk the caller has found another therapist by the time you return her call.

5) Answering service that utilizes an Internet scheduling system.

A live “receptionist’ answers the therapist’s phone and has access to the appointment calendar. A caller can schedule immediately. Therapists have round-the-clock access to their own calendar and can make adjustments to their availability on the fly.

If allowed, clients can also go online and schedule their own appointments. This makes it easy for a client to get what they want, when they want it.

If clients can easily make an appointment with you and it is a hassle to make an appointment with your competition, who do you think they will be spending their money with?

The bottom-line is: Advertise, promote and take all the massage training you want. However, if you do not have an effective method in place to turn appointment opportunities into scheduled appointments, you are wasting your time and money.

[Related article: Online Tools for Client Scheduling: How to Put an End to Phone-Tag and Boost Your Bottom Line, by Kirk Keeter, MASSAGE Magazine issue 122, June 2006]

Hope this helps!