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The home stretch for designing your website

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Finally, in designing your website, there are a few pages you should consider including. Can I just compliment those of you who are ACTING and doing this! To those who have kept me posted of your progress, great! For those who haven’t, it doesn’t matter, keep doing it!

 Here they are:

  1. Conditions treated. Or a “What we treat” page. Ideally this should consist of links, not just words. Look at this page on my site here, and you will see I have some links to pdf articles which I and my staff have written about how the condition relates to MFR. It is hard because MFR can help almost everything! Please do not copy these articles. For one they are copyrighted, and for two it is bad kharma for you! If you want to link to my page ask, and I may authorize that. But why not design your own in your words?! It is time consuming, hence they’re not ALL links yet! But hey, we do what we can right?!
  2. Links, and other resources like books and music. Here it is valueable to provide useful and trustworthy links to other related sites which you feel comfortable recommending. For example, many people link to my YouTube self-treatment video series  or JFB’s site or their professional association etc. I also choose to share reciprocal links with my esteemed colleagues who I refer a lot to. Also resources such as websites, books, music which you may find yourself repeatedly talking about with your patients. Now you’ll have them in one place to send people to! This page has a key role in SEO, which we’ll talk about in the next week or two!
  3. Articles – on this page you can showcase your own articles as well as linking to JFB’s articles which you think your patients’ might value. As each of these pages becomes long, remember to close the loop, and give people easy access back into your site by internal links at the bottom.
  4. FAQ page – I call this a “What to Expect” page, but many people call it FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. Here you should provide form downloads, directions (I choose to put this on a separate, easier to find page), Office Policies including Fees, Cancellation and Confidentialty policies. If you haven’t already addressed this on your home page you should comment if people need a referral or prescription, if you accept insurances and which, how long sessions last, who they might see in the office, the office hours etc etc
  5. Events –this is where you advertise Seminars you teach, Community Education classes you’re offerring etc

That just about does it!

You now have a website – or the tools to create it! Go and do it!