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We’re now on the Home page and on the home stretch. Your home page should be simple to do. Essentially what you are going to do is welcome your visitor and guide them through your site.  Your home page is called your “Index” page. This is important because search engines look for primarily the page saved as “Index” since this is usually your landing page. 

This may be the first impression they have with you and you want to make sure it’s a good one. You want to make this feel personal. Remember, customers buy from people they know, like and trust. So talk to the visitor as though they are sitting across the table, having a coffee with you. Be personable, friendly and inviting. Don’t write for your 9th grade English teacher. She’s not likely to read your website. Write like you talk. Just like what I’m doing now. Start by introducing yourself or your company and welcoming them. For example:

  •  I’m John Doe and I’d like to welcome you to the My Company website.
  • Hi there! This is Jane Doe and I’m delighted you’ve dropped by.
  • Welcome to My Company. This is what we do and how we can help you. 

Add to the end of that sentence, the kind of company you are and the area you serve. This helps the visitor to immediately identify whether or not you have what they are looking for. If you are a One-Person show, you should personally welcome them, or else introduce them to your company.  You now need to give the visitor a reason to read on. So the next paragraph should tell them in a very clear way how they will benefit from your site, your products or your services. Remember, you need to answer the question “What’s in it for me?” Give a brief description of what you do, and link them to your services page to read more details.

Try this format:

If you are a [identify your ideal prospect] looking for help with [list their problem]
then we can help by [outline your solution].Modify this to suit your needs, but this pretty much covers your bases by identifying who should be on the site, the kinds of problems you can help them with and the solution you provide. 

Let me give you a couple of examples so you can see what I mean in a more concrete way:
Hi I’m Joe Schmo, New York’s top massage therapist and I want to welcome you to my site. If you’ve been in pain and unable to find relief I can most likely help you. I will guide you how to deal with your insurance company so that you get covered if possible. 

Or if you are a local retailer, you can start like this:
Welcome to Skis Haus! Your one-stop shop for skiing equipment in the Brewster area. If you are a ski enthusiast or even just starting out for the first time and are looking to buy or rent equipment, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Brewster is close to excellent ski areas and our ski equipment experts can give you guidance and help you find the exact equipment and accessories you need. 

How I do it 

On my home page I introduce the company and myself with a link out to my bio. I give a brief description “teaser” of what benefits the recipient of Myofascial Release can expect with links out to more resources on the site – internal links. Internal links are valuable for SEO, more on that later. We also have a striking powerful image that speaks to the subconscious mind with the word – look at it – what does it say to you? To me and 80% of people I surveyed, it says “FREEDOM!” Say it like in Braveheart! We have the signup button for a Newsletter, and multiple locations to browse the site deeper, with a definite “Call to Action” option of Emailing our office, or calling us, right there and then. 

This is VITAL, don’t make the viewer dig to find the “Contact us” page in order to reach you. This is absolutely key to the success of your website. After all, unless they take some action, you’re really no farther ahead. From there guide them through your site. Have your links easily accessible, either across the top, or down the left side. These are the “Hot zones” that Google Analytics tells us get the most “eye time” – top and left side, so make sure people don’t have to hunt to find out more. Tell them what kinds of information they’ll find on each of your pages.   I also, at the recommendation of my attorney put a short disclaimer on this page. Only because of the videos, you most likely do not need to bother with that. 

Keep this page short and simple. It should not go much below the bottom of a standard computer screen monitor. If it does, it’s too long! Chop it up, and put that good info on other relevant pages.  It should have, in the text, the keywords you choose to describe what you do – the ones others might use to try to find you, obviously your name too! This is SEO. Notice that I’ve hyperlinked pages in the home page text. This makes it easy for the person to immediately click to the information that interests them. The easier you canmake something, the more likely it’s going to get done. So you need to direct them to taking the action you want them to take:

  • Give a call or drop a note 
  • Request more information 
  • Book an appointment 
  • Refer a Patient
  • Download a coupon 
  • Provide their email address or postal address for a mailing list 
  • Visit your office 
  • Buy something on your site

So congratulations! You’ve done it. You’ve created the MOST important pages of a great website. And an effective one that will help you get customers and boost your sales. The future pages are “icing on the cake”. 

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Once I get the next few posts written, I will have Rachel put them all together with some bonus bits, into an E-Book which we will sell! So you all get this for free! I hope you took ACTION! I also plan to write a killer post on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the value of Social Media Networking (SMN). I have a lot in my head, but it takes time to get it onto paper, in between a busy office and a growing family! I have a friend and expert in the IT field who I hope will do a conference call with us on SEO and SMN (see above).   Would you be interested in that? If so please comment below on this post in the blog, or better still, email me, so I can get an idea and price it out. 

One of the things that separates great success from dreamers is taking action! It is important, we all know, to visualize, see our goals, but without action, nothing will happen!  If you’re in debt, and you sit in your living room visualizing winning the lottery, they’ll take your living room furniture out from under you!

ACT NOW! ……..

  1. Would you like to know if we put together a conference call on SEO and SMN?
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