This post is for people who already have websites, which are not working well for them.

Plus…. as we’re getting into designing website copy now, you need to know what is good, and what is bad copy! 
Why Your Website isn’t Working:

If you want to drive thousands of visitors to your site and convert them into lifelong, profitable customers, we can show you how. If you’re disappointed at your website’s performance, or just confused at all the ‘Internet Marketing’ options available, you’re just minutes away from revolutionising your internet strategy and bringing an ongoing stream of customers to your site.One of my absolute driving principles on this website is to tell you the truth. I believe the phrase is ‘Tough Love!’So here’s the truth about the Internet.Most websites are not working as well as they could and should!They’re either a disaster that the owner is well aware of (eg the website sells stuff and nobody buys anything) or it’s a more well established site that’s doing ‘OK’ but isn’t coming close to its potential.

So here are some of the possibilities if your website isn’t doing as well as you would like.

You Have A Great Website and Nobody Knows About It

There’s still a belief among many budding business owners that if they create a great website the world will flock to it.I have absolutely no idea what creates this bizarre logic.Websites are not ‘shopfronts’ that people find themselves walking past. They’re websites, out there in cyber space with millions of other websites.For example: you could create a website that tells the world the secret to immortality but if you just put it up on the web and feel immensely pleased with yourself, guess what, it’ll still be a secret.You have to drive people to your site. You do that with Internet Marketing. But please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the design or content of your site has much to do with how many people are going to visit it.

Your Website is all about YOU!

This is probably the biggest mistake that website owners make.Here’s some more ‘Tough Love’ Nobody could care less about you! OK, maybe that’s a bit extreme. Hopefully you’ve got a great partner, or some nice relatives and friends, or at least a dog or a cat! But other than that, trust me. Nobody’s that concerned about you. They’re too busy trying to make it through the day. What they do care passionately about is WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM.How many websites have you visited that go into great detail about the history of the business or the fact that they’ve just moved to new offices. Who cares?If you change the wording of your site to focus primarily on meeting the needs and solving the problems of your visitors, you may be shocked at how it transforms the performance of your site.

You Get Visitors to Your Site but they don’t Convert to patients?

This is almost worse than having nobody visit your site, isn’t it? You finally find a way of getting people to your site. Maybe you start paying for clicks on Google. You get 300 visitors to your site and – nothing.First of all, don’t be discouraged. Internet Marketing is a constant process of testing and trying things out. Failure is often an inevitable part of the process. But here’s the good news. If you have a decent product or service, and you can find a way of delivering people to the site, you and I should be able to find a way of getting those visitors to take some action.It’s important to remember that you have two basic choices about what you want people who visit your site to do. Your site should either be focused on getting them to buy into you, immediately – or it should be focused on getting them to give you’re their name and email address (and possibly other contact details)As I’ve said elsewhere on the site, the big move in internet marketing has been the shift from sites that try to sell a product or business, to sites that aim to begin an ongoing relationship. This has become known as ‘Permission Marketing.’ You’re basically getting peoples’ permission to communicate with them – forever.If you choose to go for the sale when people arrive at your site, you’re going to need some superbly written copy, that extols the benefits of what you are offering, leads people to action, and if possible guarantees the phonecall to your office to book an appointment.If you’re going to use your site to get peoples’ contact details, you need to give them a compelling reason to give you those details. The best way to do this is by offering something of value in exchange. It can be a newsletter, or a free report or a free sample of your product, but it needs to have real value.If this is done well you should be able to get 10 – 20% of the people who visit your site to give you their contact details. If you follow this up with a good email campaign, you should be able to get a good proportion of those to convert to customers.Whether you decide that the purpose of your web site is a quick sale or a sign up is up to you. It depends partly on what you are offering and how you want to position yourself. I have a strong personal preference for the information giving site, which convinces the visitor that we can help them. The real answer is to test both and see which works best for you and your business.

You think your Website is fairly good and it may be bringing you in results – but with the Huge Potential of the Internet, You want Many more visitors and You Want Them Today!

OK, once you know your website is working for you, here are the four things you need to seriously look into – now. All are going to be dealt with in detail later…but take the first steps today.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Using Google Ad Words you can have the most geographically targeted visitors imaginable visiting your site within 30 minutes. Once you’ve tested a campaign on Google, roll it out on Yahoo.

Search Engine Optimisation

Don’t overlook the power of the free listings on the search engines. Bring in an expert to do this for you – or become an expert yourself.

Get into the Testing Habit

The internet is the greatest testing tool ever- because you get the results so quickly. Get into the habit of testing different elements of your site. Test different headlines on pages. Test different offers. Test different copy. Test different ads on Google. We’re going to have entire features about micro testing on the internet….but start now. The results may astound you.

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