2nd page: Building the Testimonials page

Page 2: Testimonials 

Hopefully, you’re following along as we go and have already created the “Contact Us”page. I urge you to take the little bit of time it takes to do these tasks as you readthrough this blog and within days you’ll have created a powerful website – a websitethat will work day and night to bring customers into your business.  Now, on to your second page… We are now going to create a “Testimonials” page because testimonials are a greatway to build your credibility and establish trust. And we know with absolute certainty that credibility is one of the most important factors influencing someone’s decision to come to you for treatment. 

Testimonials also give potential customers the opportunity to understand in a more concrete way how you can help them. For example, if you’re a massage therapist or physical therapist, you may want to talk about how your style of Myofascial Release can relieve pressure on pain sensitive structures, stretch fascia etc etc. You may talk about improved range of motion and restoration of balance throughout the body. But that’s all too vague for the average person. They can’t relate. They don’t understand. Someone who reads that thinks, “zzzzzzz, bla, bla, bla.” On the other hand, if a customer says, “Mary did this gentle hold technique on my neck and when I got off the table I couldn’t believe that the chronic nagging pain I had in my neck for the past three months was gone!” That’s something they can relate to and is stated in a simple language that other customers understand. Someone who reads that thinks, “Mary helps people with really sore necks. Maybe I should tell John about this. He’s always complaining.” And even if they don’t read your testimonials, the fact that you have a list of raving fans willing to write about their experience means something. People took the time to praise you and they don’t do that without reason. You must be good. Now you may already have a list of testimonials. If so, that’s great. Dig them up and type them out.  

Creating your testimonial page 

If you are subscribe to a website builder or have an HTML editing software, then open up the blank “Testimonials” page you’ve already created. If not, open up a Word document and start typing. If you’ve got testimonials in the past and have them saved in a document (perhaps the copy you used for your brochure), you can simply copy (highlight your info and then press Ctrl-C) and paste (put your mouse in the text box and press Ctrl-V) it into your “Testimonial” page.  Alternatively, just type straight into the blank webpage.  At the top of the page you want to have an introduction to your testimonials. For example, a list of the summarized diagnoses or problems that are addressed in the testimonials. That will be followed by your list of testimonials.  At the bottom of your testimonials make a request for some action: “You can see how people have benefited by using the services of XYZ Company. And we’d like you to experience the same benefits that they’ve experienced firsthand. So for a short time, we are offering a free 15-minute consultation whereyou can sit down with one of our experienced therapists and discuss your needs. To get your free consultation, simply send us an email at administrator@wholisticphysicaltherapy.com with the words “Free consultation” in the subject line.Be sure to include your name and telephone number and we’ll be in touch shortly to arrange a meeting time that’s convenient for you.” Side note: It’s important to ask people to take action on every single page of your site. You never want to stimulate visitors’ interest and then leave them with no clear idea as to what they should do. Give them direction. Tell them what youwould most like them to do next. For instance make sure there is an easy email us link on every page of your site. 

Formatting the testimonials 

Here are some tips on formatting your testimonials:

  • Customer’s name: Try to get permission to use their name. “Bruce S” is more credible than “B.S.” – but be aware of HIPAA and get their consent first. Most customers don’t have an issue with this, but you need to have a signed release on file.
  • Diagnosis / problem: Again get permission to list their diagnosis. Because all your reader sees is words, a listed diagnosis or symptom will help them to visualize this person and as a result makes them more real.
  • City: Again, it adds to credibility. Not only that, but if you are a local business, having the city listed will help search engines find your site when a customer is looking for someone in their locality. It’s not necessary to know why this happens, but it does and I will explain the process in a future email.

 So the “Author of Quote” text should read something like this:“Donna J., Lower Back Pain, Chicago, IL”If you don’t have testimonials don’t despair. They are easy to get. 

How do you get testimonials?

You ask for them.

To get the type of information you need for a compelling testimonial, you have to solicit it. To do this, write out a series of questions, like a survey for your client. After your customer has been treated and is gushing with thanks, tell them you are collecting testimonials and ask if they have a few minutes to fill out a short survey. Have a page with some open-ended questions with space to write an answer after each.  Surveying yoru patient base is an escellent feedback tool anyway, so you should get in the practice of doing this at least yearly – more on that another time!

So here’s your task: Post any existing testimonials on your site right now following the instructions above. You don’t need to post dozens. Three or four will do for a start.

If you don’t have any testimonials on hand, then use a survey sheet to get feedback from your customers. Alternatively, give a quick call to a few of your best customers, do a quick interview over the phone, write the testimonial on their behalf, give it to them to approve and then post it to your website.

Don’t put this off ‘til tomorrow. Do it now. My late Dad used to say “Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can do right now!”

You can do it quickly and it’s over and done with. You’ll have a powerful tool on your website to build your credibility, gain your visitors trust and meet another new patient. It has been brought to my attention that in some areas, making testimonials public is apparently illegal! Wow – that’s interesting, but please make sure it is Kosher in your particular locale! I had a novel idea when I first started, of leaving a testimonial book of HAND written testimonials (in the patient’s own handwriting) on my waiting room table. It was a very effective and handy tool! I highly recommend it. I also had a novel idea to allow patients to blog their experiences of treatment, but that didn’t take off due to the “tech savvy” element lack! 

Next we are going to create a short “Services” and/or “Products” page and your website will be well on its way. Can you believe it? We’ve just started and we’ve already made some good headway!



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