Massage therapists now have NO excuses! – FREE website!

Actually no-one has a good excuse to not be on the net, but anyways…….. this is hot off the press!! Your AMBP membership includes a website builder ability! Read this from Indy Eileen, thanks Eileen!…………

It IS a part of my AMBP membership –  I’m not sure if it’s included in all of the levels of membership –  I’m on the “Professional” level –  the highest I think is Certified, for those who’ve taken that NCMTB or whatever it’s called test and passed ( I chose not to take it so far).  They have like a Student level, which I’m not sure if it’s included in that.

Anyhoo –  It’s free,  you have to create it if you want it,  it has one of those web-builder programs to follow with templates – depending on your computer abilities, you can include pictures and even video up to the limit of your free space (which it says is up to 11 pages).   It took me time, some of which was due to my not realizing it was going to time me out of the AMBP site after 30 min for “no activity”-  for some reason it doesn’t pick up you’re working on the web builder.   The more computer and web savvy you are, the faster you can do this.

You can edit your site any time, which i also successfully have done ( it’s great to accomplish new tech tasks!).  

For anyone who’s a member to learn more –  all they need to do is go to the AMBP site and sign on (  ),  and then under the “would you like to” section that comes up,  click on the “create a website/edit your website” – and just follow along.  In the web builder section there are both a FAQ’s and a Manual link to click on to help you create your site.   And you can access in to those areas without actually committing anything to  print (for those less computer savvy, like me, who have that little fear of creating something before you’re sure), to learn about how to do it first.   As I’m sure you know – unless you hit that SAVE button on the screen,  you don’t have to worry about it being saved and out there before you’re ready.

Anyone can see what mine looks like  to get an idea of possibilities —  

Hugs again!    Miss Eileen in Indy

Eileen Huber, RN, MRT,MT – INDYMYOFASCIAL, Indpls, IN

Barnes Myofascial Release for Humans & Animals

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